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Creating truck lettering at Gallucci Designs involves the application of vinyl graphics or lettering onto commercial vehicles. The process begins with understanding the client's branding or advertising requirements, as well as the specific design elements they want to incorporate. The sign shop team works closely with the client to determine the desired colors, fonts, logos, and other graphics. Once the design is finalized, the vinyl material is selected, taking into account factors like durability, weather resistance, and visibility. The chosen vinyl is then loaded into a cutting plotter, which precisely cuts the graphics or lettering according to the design specifications. After weeding out the excess vinyl, the cut graphics are transferred to a transfer tape, allowing for easy application onto the truck's surface. Prior to installation, the truck is thoroughly cleaned and prepared to ensure proper adhesion. Skilled installers meticulously apply the vinyl graphics, taking care to eliminate bubbles or wrinkles, and ensuring a smooth and professional finish. The truck lettering process requires precision, attention to detail, and expertise in vinyl application techniques to create eye-catching and durable graphics that effectively promote the client's brand or message on their commercial vehicles.

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